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Application Note V-108
VIP-312 Dimensional Specifications 

This Application Note provides dimensional specifications for the VIP-312 "Smart-Wye" Encoder and is intended as a reference for those who wish to mount or daughter board the VIP-312 onto their product. The information provided on the drawing includes printed circuit board outline dimensions, mounting hole location and dimensions, as well as input / output header location dimensions. This application note does not specify signal data, or voltage and current requirements, as these are generally supplied in the specification section of the product page, or on the instruction sheets provided with the unit and available online from the product page.


Note: All dimensions are in inches. All headers used on this product are standard .1 spaced, single in-line type. The view provided is of the component side or top layer view.

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As with all our OEM products, if you have any questions as to the power pin configuration or specifications that we require, please make sure to call our Tech Support department before powering your unit. Products that are damaged, or do not perform properly as a result of improper powering, are not covered under our warranty.

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