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Our Family of PC Interfacing Products, designed and Made in the USA:

Touch Screen KVM Switches:

Control multiple computers with one keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen.
ALL USB touch screens are supported.

Online Gaming:

High performance products for online multiboxing applications in MMORPG's, such a World of Warcraft.

KVM Switches:

Control multiple PC's with one keyboard, mouse, & monitor.

Multi-Head KVM Switches:

Control multiple multi-head PC's with one keyboard and mouse. Up to quad-head monitor configurations are supported.

Video Switches & Splitters:

Video Switches and Video Splitters for PCs with up to Quad-Head video configurations. USB and serial Touch screens are supported.

KVM Splitters & Multiplexers:

Connect multiple keyboards, mice and / or video monitors to one PC, which may have Multi-Head video capability.

KVM Extenders:

Locate a keyboard and mouse far from the PC.

Keyboard & Mouse Port Terminators:

Keyboard Port and Mouse Port Terminators provide error free PC boot up without a keyboard or mouse.

PC Keyboard Encoders:

Convert contact closures to PC Keyboard Scan Codes or ASCII RS-232 Serial codes.

Protocol Converters:

  • Change RS-232 ASCII Serial to PS/2 or USB Keyboard,
  • Convert USB or PS/2 Keyboard to RS-232 ASCII Serial,
  • Convert PS/2 Mouse to Serial Mouse,
  • Convert Serial Mouse to PS/2 Mouse .

Foot-operated Keyboard & Mouse:

Foot-operated, hands free entry of PC or USB keyboard keys, or right and left mouse clicks.

KVM Accessories:

Keyboard, Mouse & Video (KVM) Accessories to connect our KVM products to keyboards, mice, video monitors, and PCs.


 made in USA

 All Vetra Systems products are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA for use around the world for enterprise mission-critical applications and are backed by a Limited 3 Year Warranty

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