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Broadcast SVGA video content to 4 monitors from a single PC video port 

VIP-884-V 4 Monitor Video Splitter

4 Port SVGA Video Monitor Splitter, the VIP-884-V ViewSplice

Dual-head and Multi-head models available


The VIP-884-V "ViewSplice""Video Splitter allows simultaneous use of up to four SVGA monitors from a single SVGA source. It is compact in design and easy to install and operate, making it the ideal solution for video splitter applications requiring the broadcasting of video information to several different monitor locations. At the heart of the VIP-884-V is Vetra's advanced video circuitry, which supports all VGA and SVGA resolutions up to 1600 by 1200 at 75Hz out to a distance of 100 feet, for each connected monitor.

The VIP-884-V is also available as a Dual-Head, Multi-Head & Quad-Head Video Splitter
(2, 3, or 4 video outputs on the PC). The VIP-884-V 4 Monitor Video Splitter is powered by from an external power supply (VIP-210 see Accessories) which is supplied with the unit. For applications requiring rack mounting, an optional 2U height rack mount tray is available (see Accessories ).

All Vetra Video Splitters are designed and manufactured in the USA for use around the world for enterprise mission-critical applications and are backed by a Limited 3 Year Warranty.

For more information on this product or our complete line of KVM solutions, please contact us at


  • Designed and manufactured in the USA for use around the world
  • Backed by a Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • Standard models available to support dual-head, multi-head, and quad-head video configurations
  • Supports 1600 by 1200 at 75Hz video resolution to all connected monitors
  • Monitors can be located up to 100 feet from the Video Splitter

rear view VIP-884-V Video Splitter 
rear view of VIP-884-V 4 Monitor Video Splitter


Connect up to four video monitors to a single video source. $239.00 tab_blue_button_add.gif

For Dual-Head, Multi-Head and Quad-Head Video Splitter models, please click here.

All prices are subject to change without notice.
For International representatives click here.


Standard male-female video extension cables are used to connect the VIP-884-V Video Splitter to the video port of the PC. The monitors can connect directly to the ViewSplice via their captive cables or can be remotely located to a distance of 100 feet using male-female coax extension cables. Cables are not supplied with any of the units and can be purchased separately in lenghts from 6 to 100 feet (see Accessories ).


Dimensions for the VIP-884-V are 2.63 in H x 8.08 in W x 6.32 in D (6.67 cm x 20.52 cm x 16.05 cm). The housing is molded of black GE Cycolac-T, a high impact ABS material, and are internally shielded with an acrylic base nickel coating for RFI attenuation. Front and rear panels are fabricated from .062 in thick aluminium and finished with low gloss paint. The VIP-884-V is powered from the VIP-210 (see Accessories) wall mount power supply supplied with the unit. FCC and CE marked. Shipping weight is 3 lbs.

 Environmental Operating Temp:
Storage Temp:
5 to 104 deg. F (-15 - 40 deg. C) 
-4 to 122 deg. F (-20 - 50 deg. C)
 Supported Hardware Computer:  
Video Monitors:
Maximum Resolution:
IBM PC/AT, PS/2 and 100% compatibles
up to 1600 x 1200 at 75 Hz
ViewSplice is a trademark of Vetra Systems Corporation Copyright © 1995 - 2003 by Vetra Systems Corporation All Rights Reserved

For user instructions for the VIP-884-V click here.
For user instructions for the VIP-884-V in PDF format.

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