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 Intelligent KM Splitters for Four USB Workstations
Front of USB-884-KM Splitter
 Front of USB-884-KM

USB-884-KM  MegaMux™, 4 sets USB Keyboard & Mouse to 1 PC  
Connects four workstations, each consisting of one USB keyboard and one USB mouse to one PC. The workstations are not limited to USB keyboards or mice, but can consist of any USB HID device, including USB touch screens. Only one of the workstations is active at a time, preventing unwanted input from the other workstations. Any workstation can be the active one. Any input from any workstation selects it and makes it "active". It remains "active" until no further input is detected for a period of 5 seconds. It then relinquishes control, and the whole process starts again.

rear view of USB-884-KM KM Splitter/Multiplexer
Rear View of USB-884-KM


The USB-884-KM "MegaMux"™ USB Splitters/Multiplexers allow four workstations, each consisting of a USB keyboard and mouse, to share local access to one PC. Access is limited to one workstation at a time, effectively forming an intelligent USB hub.

The USB-884-KM utilizes Vetra's patented, unique TruReflekt™ USB keyboard and mouse enumeration technology. The keyboard and mouse are not just emulated, as in most competitive products, but truly enumerated. This means that all special features that may be present in the keyboard and mouse, are conveyed to the PC, and are available to the user during device operation.

The splitters/multiplexers operate transparently with
all PCs, PC operating systems and applications.


On all models only one workstation may access the PC at any given time, effectively making an intelligent USB hub. This prevents unwanted input from the other workstations as might occur from accidental keystrokes or a bump to the mouse. There are two modes to select the active workstation.

The first, default, mode monitors all workstations for keyboard or mouse input. The first workstation to generate keyboard or mouse input "seizes" the PC and becomes the "active station". It remains "active" until no further keyboard or mouse input is detected for a period of 5 seconds, at which time it relinquishes control of the PC and the whole process starts again.

The second mode provides a lock and release feature, which allows the user of an "active station" to lock the station by making 3 taps on the left Shift key. The other workstations are locked out, giving the "active" station uninterrupted input to the PC. Three taps on the right Shift key will release the "active" station, returning to the default operation mode.

On all models, any changes to the keyboard status indicators, CAPS, SCROLL, and NUM Lock are shown on the keyboards of all workstations.

The USB-884-KM USB splitters/multiplexers are powered by an external power supply, which is supplied with the unit.

For applications requiring rack mounting, an optional 2U height rack mount tray is available (see Accessories ).

All Vetra KVM Splitters and Multiplexers are designed and manufactured in the USA for use around the world for enterprise mission-critical applications and are backed by a Limited 3 Year Warranty.


  • Designed and manufactured in the USA for use around the world
  • Backed by a Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • Hot Plug feature allows keyboards and mice to be swapped at any time!
  • Standard models available to support dual video, and up to four monitors by special order
  • TruReflekt™ enumeration technology truly enumerates devices
  • A workstation is not limited to just keyboards and mice
  • The MegaMux™ is completely transparent to all PC's, operating systems, and programs
  • Keyboard LED's are correctly updated on all workstations
  • Workstations can be locked for uninterrupted input
  • A 2U height rack mount tray is available for rack mount installation


PC to MegaMux™ - A standard USB A-B cable is used to connect the MegaMux™ to a USB port of the PC. It is provided with the unit.

Keyboard and Mouse to MegaMux™ - The captive cables that are part of the keyboard and mouse, or devices, are used to connect these devices to the MegaMux™. Extension cables are also available for short run extensions (see Accessories ).

Powering the MegaMux™ - All USB-884 MegaMux™ models are powered by an external power supply, which is supplied with the unit.


Unit dimensions of the USB-884-KM USB KM Splitters/Multiplexers are 2.63 in H x 6.06 in W x 6.32 in D (6.68 cm x 15.39 cm x 16.05 cm). All housings are molded of black GE Cycolac-T, a high impact ABS material, and are internally shielded with an acrylic nickel coating for RFI attenuation. Front panels and rear panels are fabricated from .062 in thick aluminium and finished with low gloss paint. FCC and CE marked. Shipping weight for USB-884 models is under 3 lbs.
 Environmental Operating Temp:
Storage Temp:
5 to 104 deg. F (-15 - 40 deg. C) 
-4 to 122 deg. F (-20 - 50 deg. C)
 Supported Hardware Computer:  
All PCs with USB port(s)
USB keyboards, USB mice, USB Touch Screens, USB HID devices
MegaMux™ is a trademark of Vetra Systems Corporation
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